Against all the odds, it seems that a group of adventurers has tamed Trullskull Manor. It was reported in this Gazette previously that a number of concerning events were taking place at Trollskull Manor. It turns out everything was true! However, the group was able to rid the establishment of a number of, particularly nasty spirits. It appears that the Esther who ran the orphanage had returned as a Hag and was still hunting the souls of children that had escaped her in life. The group sent her and a particularly unhappy poltergeist packing. A source for the Gazette also said three trapped souls of children still hiding from her were also set free. I am sharing this backstory because it is part of what makes dinning and having a good ale after work even more interesting.

It turns out that not all the spirits still at the Trullskull Manor contain Alchohol! Lif, the bartender that was beloved by everyone who knew him, is still happy to serve an occasional draft of ale! It seems he was another victim of Esther and was able to maintain his helpful disposition in death. It is said he tried on numerous occasions to warn the adventurers about the dangers of the mother in the house.

Now the food and Ale at Trollskull seem to be of the best quality. It seems that they have not only agreed to use all the guilds as they should but have been treating most of them as friends. This is probably the best way to ensure you get the top quality ale, cuts of meat, freshest produce, etc. This is of particular importance when the establishment is in the North Ward, where many of our nobles and successful merchants reside. I recommend getting the beef stew, which is cleverly on the menu as Orphans Stew. That is the only touch that screams of Renaer Neverember, who is a partner in the establishment. Some examples include "Lif's Otherworldly Ale," "Ghostly Gruel" (actually an excellent crab bisque), and "Entangled Hag Ham" (a Ham sandwich served with microgreens).

Dinning at the Trullskull Manor is truly an experience.