The Temple of Gond, the people behind the automatons at the Day of Wonder parade, have a few new inventions available to those who like to adopt the latest technology before their friends. A few new items include:

  • Adjustable Stilts: If you walk on two feet, this will give you an extra 2 to 5 feet in reach.
  • Backpack Parachute: Need to get down from a height of over 60 feet safely and don't have time for ropes. This device will let you float to the bottom.
  • Barking Box: It is not always easy to have a guard dog on-premises, but this device will detect people within 15 feet and bark its head off. You can select between a big dog and a yapper.
  • Matchless pipe: If you are tired of digging through your pack to find something to light your pipe, then you will love this pipe that can light itself.

If you are interested in these or other new inventions, visit the temple of Gond st the intersection of Seawatch Street and Shark Street in the Seaward. Ask for Valetta!

Druids and Shamans look close!  We just got new Broad claws in from the blacksmith. These claws are not like you standard Iron Claw.   These are much more aggressive.   If you are headed into the Underdark or performing rituals you will want one of these.   Normally 25 Gold Dragons we are cutting the price 20% and will let these go for 20 Gold Dragons.    Several styles to choose from!  Stop in at Antonyns Imports in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep.  

Not the same torch your ancestors used!  This torch will stay lit even in the strongest rains. Due to my latest development these torches will even stay lit underwater!  They are not as powerful bright as the old way giving off a bright light for 10 feet (5 underwater) and another 10 feet of dimmer light.  So about half what the quick burning torches of old.  These last twice as long!    You can pick up 5 for one Silver Shard at Meung’s Alchemy Shop