In order to save our families patron we must find the Green Glade, to seek its healing powers, deep in the Ardeep Forest.  As everyone knows no trail leads to the glade for more than a single night so the expedition could last some time.   As cook you would be afforded a salary of 10 Copper Nibs per day.  Your responsibilities include:

  • Obtaining rations for a party of 10. 
  • Caring for the horse and cart that will serve as your storage and kitchen. 
  • Gathering herbs, berries, etc to replenish supplies as we travel. 
  • Cooking 2 meals per day.  
  • Attending to any that fall ill and cannot be healed. 

Should you not survive the journey your designated heir will be paid 2 Gold Dragons plus you salary earned while alive. 

As cook you would be awarded .25% of any treasure acquired on the journey  

If intrested please see Beatrix at the Golden Lion tavern.