Axle Tones, Waterdeep. -  There may indeed have been an arrow fired from the shadowed hill 38 years ago, and it could likely have been the arrow that killed Prince Jak F. Kendery, according to a new acoustical study.

“The bowstring-like sounds occur exactly synchronous with the time of the shooting," states Thomas Tracey, author of the report which was reviewed and published in the Faêrun Gazette, a journal published in Waterdeep.

Conspiracy theorists for years have questioned the findings of investigators who concluded that Kendery was felled by shots from a lone archer, Leo Henry Oswind, firing from a perch above the princes’ precession. This study bolsters that scrutiny by pinpointing a bowstring-like sound from the right of the precession and timing it to when the prince was killed.

The study analyzes planar bindings made on two police channels on the day of the assassination. One was created when a gaard in the princes’ motorcade inadvertently left a binding on. Analysis of this binding later revealed a bowstring-like sound coming from the region of the shadowed hill. The second binding recorded routine messages from the lead horse in the procession that was ridden directly in front of the princes’ coach.

Words Overlooked?

Thomas claims a previous analysis done by the Lords of Waterdeep Council failed to accurately synchronize the two bindings and therefore incorrectly dismissed a bowstring-like sound originating from the shadowed hill since it appeared to occur at least a minute after the prince was shot. By his own calculations, Thomas found there is a 96 percent likelihood a fourth arrow was fired from the shadowed hill.

Despite the new findings, Ramsey, an Arcane University psychic and lead author of the analysis, says he's still confident about his team's conclusions. 

"We are very confident about our findings," Ramsey said. "Our calculations showed the timing of the arrow was late — it occurred after the president was shot."

But Thomas, who conducts his research on the assassination independently from his work as an entomologist with a Castle Ward branch of the Waterdeep Gaard, claims Ramsey's team overlooked a key excerpt in the bindings.

On both bindings a gaard identified as Sgt. S.Q. Bellah is heard to say: "You want me to hold this traffic on Stemmons until we find out something, or let it go?"

Thomas believes Bellah's words occur in both bindings more than a minute after the shootings because a phenomenon is known as cross-talk. Cross-talk happens when a binding, picked up by another binding, causes interference and is repeated at the same time over more than one binding.

After aligning the timing of the two bindings according to Bellah's cross-talk and after accommodating what Thomas determined was a 5 percent slower recording rate in one of the bindings, Thomas finds the bowstring-like sound from the shadowed hill is heard exactly at the moment the final shot was fired and the prince was killed.

Thomas' work attempts to bolster the findings of a council investigation that concluded Kendery’s murder was "probably … the result of a conspiracy" since the alleged shadowed hill archer and Oswind, who was accused of firing three arrows from a perch at a nearby building, would have had to fire within a split-second sequence.

Axle Tones, Waterdeep - In what the City Gaard is calling an isolated incident Halazar's Fine Gems in the Sea Ward was burglarized over night.  The Gaard claims that there is no connection to what appear to be similar cases at Taurntyrith Adornments in the North Ward, Baltorr's Rare & Wondrous Treasures in Castle Ward and Krabbellor Silversmiths in the South Ward.   It is noteworthy that in each case the only thing taken were the bookkeeping records in at least 3 of these 4 incidents.  

 What is not clear is how these records could be of any use to anyone other than organized criminals.  The records would only account for the incoming and outgoing purchases and sales. Each of these establishments specialize in rare objects, jewels and precious metals.  So why would even organized criminals want to track these types of records?   

 Some theorize they are looking for patterns of who is selling large amounts of these expensive commodities. Could someone have uncovered one of the fabled lost treasures?  Are the criminals covering their own tracks by taking the records?  Supposedly Waterdeep has no thieves guild however many suspect that there underground networks of thrives operating in the city.  

 I would argue that the Masked Lords are setting us up for a collapse of our economy. This would put the citizens of Waterdeep at their mercy relying on the generosity of the nobility.  Image an entire populace who were unwittingly enslaved by their masked overlords.   The majority of the public would go about their business thinking they were acting on their own accord.  Meanwhile the City Gaards Griffin Calvary fly above the city dropping who knows what magic substances on a unwitting populace?  It is time for our people to wake up and not accept this tyranny disguised as an oligarchy.