Trollskull manor has changed hands again, and it seems the new owners have stirred up the past. Everyone in the North Ward is familiar with the history of the manor and the number of attempts to reopen the establishment. Ever since the horrific discoveries 20 years ago, when the building housed an orphanage, it has reopened as an Inn with a tavern and a public house. The inn failed to keep the rooms filled with patrons, and the tavern seemed to be unable to keep a bartender. First was the mysterious "natural" death of barman Teags. Then later, the jovial barkeep known as Lif disappeared shortly before the doors were shut for the last time 12 years ago. So we thought.

Now a group of adventures seems to think they can reopen the tavern. It has come to our attention that while repairs were taking place in the basement, the remains of three children were discovered. No doubt, they were more victims of Esther. The witnesses pointed out that not long before they had been stuck in the basement with one of the new proprietors were unable to lift the cellar door even with help from others above. One of the workers was quoted as saying, "You couldn't get me back in the building if I were hiding from a pack of Kobolds." He went on to say that "There is more going on there than the living should ever have to endure."

Finally, a carpenter recently fell to his death as his ladder splintered while working on the molding at the top of the taproom walls. One of his fellow carpenters noted that the ladder looked as if it had been smashed with an axe even though no one was near him. The proprietors then ran into the basement where they were heard, making a great deal of noise even though there was not anyone else known to be in the basement.

The strangeness does not stop there. Another witness pointed out that the Tiefling was limping around and was seen with fresh bandages on his leg the same morning that estimates were needed on an exterior wall that had been destroyed the night before. I am not sure what happened, but one of the workers heard him say to one of his partners that "...evidently I look like a rat."

Despite the setbacks, the work is still underway. It looks like they might be making progress on the building and have a chance of opening the doors. Hopefully, they can keep on a barkeep because the Trullskull manor has not treated them well in the past.