In a new series of articles, we hope to highlight a few neighborhoods in our city.  In this first installment, we are taking a look at the resurgent Trollskull Alley. 

T1 - Trollskull Manor
The very first business marked at T1 on the map is the Trollskull Manor, which has reopened the tavern and is featured in another article in this week's Gazette. The manor has a storied past, which is detailed in that article. Newly renovated it is the best place to stop and have an ale and a sandwich for your day in the alley.

T2 - The Bent Nail
A small wooden sign above the shop's main door is bare except for a large, bent nail sticking out of it. The front room contains displays of ornate wooden furniture, as well as a selection of bows and crossbows. The wall behind the counter is lined with rows of finely carved wooden canes, quarterstaffs, and shields.
Talisolvannar "Tally" Fellbranch, the owner and chief artisan of the Bent Nail, is a male half-elf carpenter and woodcarver. Some of the services you will find include wooden weapons, shields, furniture and sculptures.

T3 - Steam and Steel
During the daylight hours, smoke and steam billow from the many windows around this indoor forge where metal weapons, armor, and tools are made. The forge is owned and operated by a married couple: a fire genasi named Embric and a water genasi named Avi. Both are members of the Most Careful Order of Skilled SMiths and Metalforgers. As an armorer, Avi also belongs to the Splendid Order of Armorers, Locksmiths, and Finesmiths.
Embric tends the forge and is an expert weaponsmith. He claims to descent from the efreet of Calimshan.

T4 - Corellon's Crown
Fala Lefaliir, an outgoing wood elf with long braided hair, an herbalist, and a member of the Guild of Apothecaries and Physicians, operates out of this stately, three-story townhouse, the third floor of which has been converted into a greenhouse. Its translucent glass walls allow anyone on the street to see the rainbow of flowers blossoming within.

T5 - Tiger's Eye
This is a private detectives business that is unremarkable from the outside. Its only distinguishing mark is an orange and black sign featuring a cat's eyes. Inside is a dimly lit apartment illuminated by flickering oil lamps. The door is locked, so you will have to knock or ring to be let in by Vincent Trench, a human who is always sharply dressed.

T6 - Book Wyrms Treasure
The front of this bookstore is adorned with a charming sign of a gold dragon curled around a treasure hoard of books and scrolls. Inside, the shop is decorated with beautiful hardwood, and the earthy scent of old books permeates the air. The library fills two floors of this three-story building, and it somehow seems to contain more shelves than the building should be able to hold.
The shop is managed by Rishaal the Page Turner, who is a Dragonborn of gold dragon ancestry.